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Tatar: Varosha has become a 'well known brand'

What the Turkish Press is reporting

Source: CNA

Varosha is one of the most valuable areas of the pseudo-state, Ersin Tatar said at a meeting with a delegation from the Varosha Unity and Solidarity Association.

According to the GTP, the Turkish Cypriot press reported that in various meetings at home and abroad, Mr. Tatar always mentions how important Varosha is for the pseudo-state.

He stated that the "government" will work to develop and expand the enclosed area, claiming that with its opening Varosi acquired a new dimension, becoming known to the world and ultimately "became a brand".

Arguing that Varosha is both a political step and part of the dimension of the "two-state" policy, Mr. Tatar said that the perception that the enclosed area of ​​Famagusta will be returned one day must change.

"The new policy is in the direction that there could be an agreement with the cooperation of two separate states living side by side in Cyprus. With the opening of Varosha, I always thought that Famagusta had really high potential as a city and I see that it is so."

He reiterated that 400,000 people have visited the area so far. "I do not want to use the word closed Varosha because it is now open. Everyone can enter, including foreigners. Public areas, beaches and residential areas can be visited. Varosha is one of the most valuable areas of tdbk.  The value of Varos is high. It will now be further developed with various projects and housing plans that have become a trademark recognized by the world, much more prosperous, sustainable. A growing Varosha will add value to its worth. I appreciate the work of your association and wish you good luck".

Ersin Tatar also met yesterday with the veterans' association branch in the Turkish city of Gialova, as well as with journalists from various Turkish TV channels and newspapers, with whom he made assessments on tourism and current affairs.

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