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The economy and Turkey's East Med push dominated candidate's talking points this week

Here are the latest updates from the presidential campaign trail

Source: CNA

The development of the economy, the basic positions of the Committee of Occupied Municipalities on the Cyprus problem and Turkey's activities in the Eastern Mediterranean are the main talking points of the presidential candidates this week.

A memorandum summarizing the main positions of the Committee of Occupied Municipalities on the national issue was handed over by the President of the Committee, Petros Kareklas, to Andreas Mavroyiannis.

According to a Committee statement, Mavroyiannis said that the handling of the national issue must be based on principled positions and a solution of a bizonal bicommunal federation, which must meet certain conditions and guarantee the right of return of refugees.

In addition, Andreas Mavroyiannis had a meeting with the Executive Committee of the Federation of Employers & Industrialists (OEB), during which he referred to the need for an economy that will create solid foundations for growth, for the transition to a green economy, the flourishing of social welfare, the preservation and promotion of public space and respect for private space, in order to continuously improve the quality of life of the people of Cyprus.

Ankara is again sending Oruc Reis to the Eastern Mediterranean, confirming its aspirations for a hegemonic role throughout the region, the electoral staff of Christou Christou, said in a statement.

"We hope this time the government will act proactively to defend the interests of our country," it said, adding that the government should not remain locked into the doctrine that "sanctions are not an end in themselves."

The Cypriot government must react immediately and decisively and make the necessary representations to the Russian side and immediately investigate information about an agreement to start direct flights from Russia to the illegal Ercan airport, independent candidate Marios Eliades said in a statement.

He added that everyone understands that if such a development is not prevented, it will be a precursor to worse developments in terms of relations between Russia and the occupied territories, but will also have serious consequences for the Cypriot economy and the Russian approach to the Cyprus problem.

Independent candidate, Nikos Christodoulides, visited the free Famagusta area and acknowledged the crucial contribution of the Famagusta General Hospital as a Reference Hospital during the pandemic period, he said that GESY is one of the biggest social reforms of the Republic of Cyprus and as such it is imperative that we shield it, support its architecture and keep it high on the state's priorities.

Christodoulides and members of his staff also held meetings with members of the Famagusta District Producers' Organizations SEDIGEP and the Producers Organization "ANOIXI", during which he referred to the need for holistic strategic planning based on a long-term strategy to support professional producers.

What is highlighted by the publication of the newspaper "Politis" on September 18 and 19, 2022 raises questions as well as ethical issues for Nikos Christodoulides which require his immediate response, said independent candidate Constantinos Christofides.

Additional questions arise about Christodoulides' judgment regarding the selection of his close associates and the relationships he forms with them, he noted, adding that the use of fake social media accounts to attack a politician's critics is a sign of political decadence.

Our own state authorities operate as if they are running to develop to the maximum extent every last centimeter of land, independent candidate Georgios Kolokasidis said in a statement.

Citing the examples of Akamas and Kinyra Street in Nicosia, "where on the one hand the declaration of the protected area, as well as the Natura 2000 area, is dangerously delayed, and on the other hand, a three-member ministerial committee is pressuring the City Council to alter a rejection decision for a ten-story and an eight-story development project", Kolokasidis said the environment is under siege and the dismantling of the state's institutions facilitates arbitrariness.


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