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The international status of Cyprus has been upgraded Greek FM says

Washington’s stance towards Cyprus no longer one-sided

Newsroom / CNA

In an interview with Greek broadcaster ERT, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias reiterated Greece’s position that the Treaties of Guarantee and of Alliance should be discussed by the guarantor powers, before the realization of a new summit on the Cyprus issue. 

The treaties that came into force with the establishment of the Republic in 1960 require the signatories, Greece, Turkey, UK to guarantee the independence and territorial integrity of Cyprus. Article IV of the treaties provides the right of intervention to re-establish the status quo and was used as a justification for the Turkish invasion of 1974. President Anastasiades has repeatedly argued for the need to abolish this provision.

At the same time, Minister Kotzias described as a major success the fact that the international community did not attribute responsibility to Greece and Cyprus for the dead end of the Crans Montana conference. The 2017 Crans Montana talks broke down after a stalmate over the security arrangements that would replace the treaties.

Commenting on the upcoming meeting of Cypriot Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides with his US counterpart Mike Pombeo, the Greek Foreign Minister underlined that it is proof of the international upgrading of the Republic of Cyprus. Nikos Kotzias said it was the first time that a Cypriot Foreign Minister would have a direct meeting with the US Secretary of State while stressing that it is a great success that there is strong US mobility to lift the arms embargo on Cyprus.
“Washington’s stance towards Cyprus is no longer one-sided, as it is not focusing exclusively on the Cyprus Problem. Cyprus is now seen as a state with great geostrategic importance”, said Kotzias.

Regarding ExxonMobil's gas exploration activities in Cyprus’ EEZ, which are about to start in November, Minister Kotzias commented that the American navy will have a strong presence in the region.

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