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The new and improved CovScan Cyprus ready for use

The smart app can now recognize provisions for entry into business establishments

Source: CNA

The new and improved CovScan Cyprus is finally here.

The Deputy Ministry of Research and Innovation has finalized the changes needed in the app to automatically recognize the new health protocols in place for establishments and businesses on the island.  The Ministry of Health asked business owners yesterday to download the app and set it according to the category to which they belong.

There are various categories of establishments according to their capacity, whether they offer music or other services, etc. The app makes it easy for owners to understand the prerequisites for people to enter. Everyone will need to show their safe pass and an ID.

Citizens can issue their safe passes via the platform at

In places that serve food, entertainment establishments that offer music, including nightclubs, there is an allowed capacity of 500 people so long as the area corresponds to 1 person per 1.5 sq. meters. In terms of nightclubs, the dance floor must be at least 225 sq. meters which can safely accommodate 150 people.  

Entry to all establishments is allowed to all citizens, whether vaccinated or not, but a rapid test, valid for up to 15 hours, must be presented.  People may also present a recovery certificate.  Children, aged 6-11, will need to present a rapid test valid for 7 days whether or not they were fully vaccinated or have a certificate of recovery.f 

All owners of establishments that can accommodate more than 150 people, providing music and a dance area, must notify the Health Ministry and provide the contact details of the health security person in charge.

In places that do not have a dancing area, entrance is allowed to unvaccinated people with a 24 hrs rapid test or PCR , to people over 12 years who have completed their vaccination regimen or have a booster shot or a recovery certificate. Children ages 6-11 are allowed to enter with a vaccination card or recovery certificate or a 7-day rapid test in case they are unvaccinated. Dancing in these places is allowed only around the tables.

Places with an area of more than 225 square meters that can accommodate more than 150 people can allow entry to people over 12 years of age with a 15 hr rapid test whether or not they have been vaccinated or have recovered from covid. Children ages 6-11 can enter with a negative 7 day rapid test whether or not they have been vaccinated or have recovered from covid.

Night clubs and music halls which can accommodate less than 150 people can allow entrance to all people without a vaccination certificate as long as they present a 24-hour rapid test or PCR, to people over 12 who are vaccinated and to children ages 6-11 with a vaccination certificate or recovery certificate or with a 7 day rapid test if they are unvaccinated.

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