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The shocking reality of students in drug cases revealed

From teens to trials, Kathimerini reporter Pavlos Neophytos unravels the startling rise in school drug incidents

Pavlos Neophytos

Evidence of student involvement in drug trafficking and use, leading to a criminal case opened by YKAN, was presented on Wednesday by YKAN's commander, Stelios Aristideou, to the House Legal Affairs Committee.

In 2021, among a total of 861 criminal cases involving students aged 14 to 17, 42 underage students (21 Greek Cypriots and 9 foreigners) were implicated. In 2022, out of 1017 criminal cases, 51 juvenile students aged 14 to 17 were involved (43 Greek Cypriots and 8 foreigners). In 2023, among 1095 criminal cases, 45 students aged 14 to 17 were implicated (23 Greek Cypriots and 22 foreigners).

Attendees noted that these figures represent cases that reach the court, suggesting a more widespread issue of drug use.

Each school now has a designated YCAN officer available 24/7 to the principal or liaison for immediate communication.

Dimitris Taliadoros, OELMEK President, urged improved cooperation between YKAN and teachers, emphasizing the need for YKAN to provide information to school management. This, he argued, would empower educators to act more effectively within school units. Taliadoros also advocated for an increase in the number of counselors in schools, proposing one or two counselors in each school instead of one visiting on specific days. Additionally, he called for a boost in staff for the Educational Psychology Service.

The House Committee on Legal Affairs delved into the discussion on drug trafficking and use among young people and/or minors, exploring measures to prevent and combat the phenomenon.

[This article was translated from its Greek original and edited for brevity and clarity]

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