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The unstoppable rise beyond one million in occupied lands

Occupied territories hit milestone

Newsroom / CNA

With the headline "Cannot Be Less Than One Million," Geni Duzen's columnist, Jenc Mutlougiakali, writes that the population in the occupied territories has surpassed one million.

According to GTP, in his article, he cites the latest data from the "Information Technology and Communication Foundation," stating that there are a total of 958,007 registered telephone subscribers in the occupied areas.

"You might say 'most have multiple subscriptions.' These are the people who are 'residing' in the country. Furthermore, 426,992 of them are users of 'smart devices.' We must also exclude children. I believe that at least up to 10-12 years old, children do not have telephone subscriptions. I have to say the following. I cannot know 'how many Cypriots have stayed' in the northern part of the island. When we consider tourists, those coming from the south, and day trips... There is a multitude of at least over one million people, and even strays, as the term is used on the island!"

Mutlougiakali also refers to the number of "universities" and questions whether the 23 of them are too many. "Could the proliferation of universities be one of the main reasons for uncontrolled population growth?" he wonders.

"According to my own research, 35% of those identified as 'unregistered' consist of individuals who entered the country as 'students," Mutlougiakali writes, reminding that the "universities" collect tuition fees from these people and put them in their coffers, but the expenses of "deportation" are borne by the "state."

Noting that according to the data, most "illegal" individuals come from Nigeria, the columnist highlights that the "universities" are not the sole reason for the "uncontrolled population.

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