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Theocharous reacts to sudden security change

Security detail halted without prior notice


Mrs. Theocharous, via the platform ''X,'' announced the decision to halt her security detail without prior notification.

She asserts that the decision came from the President, while the reasons for her security detail were both specific and serious. In a statement, she emphasized, "Political Culture: The president decided on 24/1/2024 to terminate my security detail for very specific and serious reasons. No one from the administration informed me about this. I learned about it from my own police officers!"

In another post, she writes, "Until now, no police officer has been withdrawn from guarding other individuals. The reasons that imposed my security detail have not disappeared. The president will bear full responsibility for whatever happens."

The abrupt decision has stirred debate, raising questions about the underlying motives and implications for Mrs. Theocharous's safety. Critics highlight the potential risks associated with such actions, especially considering the persistent security concerns cited by Mrs. Theocharous herself.

The lack of prior communication regarding the termination of her security detail underscores broader tensions within the political landscape. Mrs. Theocharous's outspoken stance and unwavering commitment to addressing critical issues have often put her at odds with prevailing narratives, making her security a matter of heightened concern.

As reactions pour in, stakeholders await further clarification from both the President's office and Mrs. Theocharous herself regarding the rationale behind this decision and its potential ramifications for her safety and well-being.

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