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Those born in 20 years will live better, says Gates

Billionaire Bill Gates remains 'very optimistic' about the future of humanity on Earth

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Bill Gates, the business magnate and co-founder of the Microsoft behemoth, frequently offers his opinions on the existential dangers to the world and humanity, such as climate change and potential future pandemics. The billionaire remains "very optimistic" about humanity's future on Earth despite all of this. The businessman believes that people born in the next few decades will live better than people born at any other time in history, despite the serious issues that currently exist and will affect future generations, according to  Bill Gates stated in an interview at the Lowy Research Institute in Australia, "I still think it would be much better to be born 20 years from now, 40 years from now, or 60 years from now, than at any other time in the past." He did, however, acknowledge that there are many reasons to be pessimistic, citing the inadequate global response to the coronavirus pandemic, government failures to address climate change, and political polarization in the US.

In fact, a Gallup poll conducted in October revealed that only 42% of Americans thought that young people today would have a "better standard of living" than their parents. This number represents the lowest level of optimism seen in close to 30 years and is 18 percentage points lower than in 2019. Pessimists, however, don't have a complete picture, according to Bill Gates. It's simple to view some of these trends more negatively, but in his opinion, doing so is unfair. He specifically mentioned improvements in public health, noting that over the past 20 years, the mortality rates for children under five around the world have been cut in half.  "Even more impressive amounts of innovation will be made to better a lot of people. Cancer, polio, and obesity will all be cured by the year 2050 "Apparently, the tycoon said, per CNBC.

The potential for affordable and effective green energy was the last thing he mentioned, along with technological advancements that let professionals in the fields of education and healthcare spur innovation globally.

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