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Trump's future travels in limbo as 38 nations could bar entry

Former president's felony status raises questions


Former President Donald Trump could face hurdles traveling internationally due to his recent felony convictions, which might complicate any potential second term in office as reported by People.

According to the World Population Review, 38 nations, including key allies like the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, prohibit entry for individuals with felony records. Even if allowed to keep his passport after conviction, Trump may encounter restrictions.

Countries barring felons include those pivotal in global affairs, such as China, Israel, and Mexico, as well as those hosting major summits like the G7, exemplified by Canada in 2025.

While international governments could grant Trump exceptions, similar to George W. Bush's case during his presidency, the process might be challenging. Bush, arrested for drunk driving in the 1970s, faced Canadian travel hurdles but obtained a waiver for an official state visit.

However, Trump's situation differs significantly with 34 felony convictions, potentially posing greater obstacles. Despite his past rhetoric on tightening travel restrictions, including advocating for border closures and nationality-based bans, Trump might need special waivers if reelected, underscoring the irony in his predicament.

[With information sourced from People]


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