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30 May, 2024
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Weather watch: Rain showers and changing skies

Stay prepared for changing conditions and enjoy the sunshine breaks!

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A weak area of low pressure is currently influencing the region's weather conditions.

Today's weather will begin with clear skies, but as the day progresses, clouds will gradually increase, leading to local showers and isolated thunderstorms, primarily in mountainous, inland, and northern regions. The wind direction will mainly be from the northeast to the southeast, gradually shifting to the west-southwest to the northwest. Expect light to moderate winds, ranging from 3 to 4 Beaufort. The sea conditions will be slightly rough. Temperature-wise, anticipate a rise to approximately 27 degrees Celsius inland, around 25 degrees Celsius along the coast, and about 18 degrees Celsius in higher elevated areas.

As nightfall approaches, the sky will mostly remain clear; however, there is a possibility of thin fog or low clouds forming locally, primarily in the interior. Wind patterns will predominantly be from the west to northwest, occasionally shifting to the northeast in certain areas. Winds will be light, reaching speeds of about 3 Beaufort. It's worth noting that initially, the western coastal regions may experience moderate winds of 3 to 4 Beaufort. The sea conditions will transition to calm to slightly rough. Overnight temperatures are expected to drop to around 13 degrees Celsius inland, approximately 17 degrees Celsius along the coast, and roughly 10 degrees Celsius in higher elevated areas.

Looking ahead to Thursday, the weather will be mostly clear throughout the day; however, as we approach the afternoon and early evening, clouds will develop, resulting in isolated showers or occasional thunderstorms, primarily in mountainous and inland areas. Temperature-wise, there will be a gradual rise, reaching values close to the average climatic norms.

On Friday, expect predominantly clear skies, occasionally accompanied by high clouds. Towards the evening, a thin layer of dust particles may be present in the atmosphere. Temperatures will gradually increase, nearing the average values for this time of year.

Moving on to Saturday, the weather will be characterized by partly cloudy conditions, featuring medium to high-level clouds. There is a possibility of isolated light showers. Temperature-wise, no significant changes are expected compared to previous days.

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