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WhatsApp users beware of password scam

Citizens warned as hackers trick WhatsApp users into compromising accounts


The Cybercrime Sub-Directorate has issued a warning to citizens regarding a concerning trend of suspicious messages related to password hacking on Social Media, with a particular focus on WhatsApp.

Reports indicate that numerous users have been targeted with messages on WhatsApp, ostensibly from individuals they know, claiming that they will receive a password on their behalf and requesting them to share it.

However, it is crucial to understand that the code provided in these messages is intended for the recipient's own account, not the sender's. The sender's account has likely been compromised by cybercriminals, and they are using it to deceive unsuspecting victims. This deceitful tactic aims to establish trust with the recipient, ultimately resulting in the compromise of their own account.

The public is strongly advised to exercise extreme caution when encountering such messages and, most importantly, refrain from divulging any received passwords to anyone. Cybersecurity remains paramount in safeguarding personal information and accounts.

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