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Scammers impersonate doctors

Police urge immediate reporting of suspicious medical emergency calls

Newsroom / CNA

The Police are urging the public to be cautious once again, following new reports of fraud and attempted theft of large sums of money by individuals falsely posing as doctors.

Specifically, the fraudsters contact citizens by phone, pretending to be doctors, and falsely claim that a relative of the answering citizens has been injured and urgently needs surgical intervention and other medical care. The perpetrators demand that citizens immediately pay large amounts of money for medical expenses.

The culprits make calls from hidden numbers and instruct citizens not to end the phone call, preventing them from reaching their actual relatives or contacting the Police.

The Police emphasize the need for special attention, stressing that such phone communications and claims are false and aim to deceive citizens and steal large sums of money. The public is urged that if they receive similar phone calls, they should promptly inform the Police by contacting the nearest Police Station or the District Police Departments, or by calling the Citizen's Line at the phone number 1460.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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