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Who bears responsibility for the energy transition?

Chris Angelides, an American expert on energy transition, shares his insights at the Green Agenda Cyprus Summit

Press Release

Chris Angelides serves as the Managing Director in the oil and gas consulting division of Ernst & Young LLP in Houston. With over three decades of international experience spanning the energy industry's technical and commercial aspects, he has held pivotal roles in strategic planning. His expertise extends to managing business units with profit and loss accountability, devising and executing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies, and fostering partnerships to propel the energy transition. Through successful operations across various sectors, he has garnered profound insights into global business cultures and regulatory frameworks.

Moreover, Chris Angelides holds an adjunct professorship at the University of Houston Bauer College of Business, where he imparts knowledge on oil and gas strategy fundamentals and ESG and sustainability practices tailored for industry professionals.

Before joining Ernst & Young, Mr. Angelides led the U.S. Energy Transition efforts for a prominent oil and gas corporation. His tenure involved spearheading collaborative initiatives with key stakeholders, including local governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and academic institutions, to advance the transition to sustainable energy. His expertise encompasses greenhouse gas (GHG) management and energy technologies across the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors, with a project portfolio spanning the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, the Caspian region, and the Asia-Pacific.

Chris Angelides pursued Strategic Decision & Risk Management studies at Stanford University and holds an MBA from the University of Houston, complementing his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the same institution.

Green Agenda Cyprus Summit

The purpose of the Green Agenda Cyprus Summit, held for the first time, is to support the efforts towards Cyprus' Green Transition, aiming to make our country an example of ecological living and sustainable development.

The Green Agenda Cyprus Summit will host influential leaders from the nation's business community, alongside keynote speakers of international renown who will captivate and motivate the audience. Notably, the government's participation will underscore the importance of its role in shaping the vision and strategies for the green transition. Deliberations and presentations will center on the critical examination of climate change risks and their far-reaching effects on human life, the financial sector, industry, real estate, and insurance.

The production of renewable energy sources, storage, and optimal smart distribution, financing the green transition, sustainability, and the evolution of the food production chain, as well as waste management, will all be at the heart of the Green Agenda Cyprus Summit 2024.

The Green Agenda Cyprus Summit will take place on May 20th at the Hilton Hotel with the support of the Central Bank of Cyprus. Platinum Sponsors include Bank of Cyprus, Hellenic Bank, Eurobank, Alpha Bank, Astrobank, and Gold Sponsor EY. The conference is under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, and Environment.

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