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Wildfire resurges in Limassol mountains amidst strong winds

Massive blaze poses threat to local communities and natural habitats


A massive fire broke out in the mountainous area of Limassol on Sunday afternoon (6/8), fueled by strong winds that made firefighting efforts challenging. The fire, which resurged in Alassa before rapidly spreading to other regions, posed a significant threat to the local communities and natural habitats.

Forest Department personnel worked tirelessly to combat the flames, describing the battle as a "huge overnight struggle" to contain the inferno. The combination of the resurgence in Alassa and the powerful winds created a perfect storm, causing the fire to spread rapidly across the area.

Authorities and firefighting teams remain on high alert as they continue to battle the flames and assess the damage caused by this devastating wildfire. The impact on the environment and local communities is being closely monitored, and efforts are being made to bring the fire under control to prevent further destruction.

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