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Woman fined for busting moves in Limassol

Viral videos showing dining guests dancing in a Limassol tavern catch the attention of police


Law enforcement authorities have tracked down and fined a woman who was seen in a video dancing in a Greek tavern in Limassol against pandemic health protocols.

According to local media, a video showing an adult female and others including fellow diners dancing in a local Greek tavern in Limassol has been making the rounds on social media, while also catching the attention of police.

Local media said the video was originally posted on Instagram over the weekend while additional reports said the event was also livestreamed, showing people getting up and dancing at their table.

Guests who posted videos of fellow diners dancing also included comments on social media, such as “busting a move” and remarks accompanied by police vector icons. Another video showing three different scenes was edited with lower-third titles saying “no dancing, barely dancing, and dancing out of control.”

Last week strict rules for eating joints were published by the government after the health ministry issued an executive order allowing bar restaurants and taverns to open under a new phase of relaxed measures against the pandemic. 

The rules included a ban on standing or rocking around the table, while music that could excite guests could not be played through the loud speakers. Clarification was later provided by officials, saying the ban was not against specific music styles but targeted specific behaviors, such as dancing on the dance floor.

'There’s a strict adherence to all protocols at this establishment, such behavior cannot be accepted,' the manager was quoted as saying

Police investigators managed to track down the woman in question, who was fined €300 for violating emergency health law violations.

Another person described as a member on staff was also fined for not wearing a face mask properly.

The female owner and a male manager on site were also under investigation for a host of offences beyond health violations, such as operating an establishment without a permit, unauthorized sale of alcohol, and playing music through loudspeakers without a license from the city.

According to Reporter, the manager said he tried to reason with guests by asking them to stop dancing, but the diners kept on busting moves and singing along to live music.

“There’s a strict adherence to all protocols at this establishment, such behavior cannot be accepted,” the manager was quoted as saying.

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