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Woman in hospital after dog bites

Paphos police investigate dog bite incident where a foreign woman ended up in the Emergency Room


Police are investigating a dog bite incident after a woman was rushed to the Emergency Room in Paphos.

According to Cyprus News Agency, Paphos police were called to Neapolis Street on Wednesday afternoon where a woman, described as a foreign national, was reportedly attacked by a dog.

Details of the incident were not made known, while reports said the woman was examined in the ambulance and was said to have sustained injuries consistent with dog bites in various parts on her legs.

Some unconfirmed media reports also said the mother was with her child at the time of the incident.

CNA also reported that the owner of the dog, who attempted to prevent his canine from biting the woman, was also injured in the incident.

The dog was placed in quarantine by local officials, while both the woman and the dog owner were taken to hospital. The woman was admitted to Paphos General Hospital for further treatment.

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