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Woman’s death in Akamas caused by drowning

Post-mortem points to drowning in the death of Eleni Plakidis who was missing for over a week


A post-mortem examination has shown that 69-year-old Eleni Plakidis, who had gone missing for ten days, died following a drowning incident.

According to media reports, state forensic pathologist Eleni Antoniou examined the body and determined that the woman had drowned in water in Akamas.

Although no official statement was issued regarding Plakidis’ death, local reports cited sources saying the woman appeared to have fallen into the sea and drowned.

The woman’s husband and her daughter were reportedly in the search party who found the body near a steep slope in Akamas

Members of a search party discovered the woman’s lifeless body in a ditch on Monday early morning, following days of searching by several groups including family members, friends, volunteers, and civil defence officials.

Plakidis’ vehicle was found abandoned in Akamas one day following her disappearance, with reports saying the car was locked and stuck in mud. Other personal items were found nearby while her purse was also found days later.

The woman’s husband and her daughter were reportedly in the search party who found the body on Monday near a steep slope in Akamas. Local media speculated that Plakidis must have drowned in the sea and then her body washed ashore.

Additional reports said the family told law enforcement that the woman was suffering from memory loss in recent times, with police and search parties intensifying their efforts to locate her despite poor weather conditions.

Plakidis, described as a German national married to a Greek Cypriot man, disappeared on January 10 from her residence in Paphos. Reports said she left her home in the afternoon to go to the convenience store.

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