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Woman struck by car dies in hospital days later

Senior citizen succumbs to her injuries one week after telling driver she was okay


An 80-year-old woman succumbed to her injuries Wednesday night, almost one week after she was struck by an oncoming vehicle driven by an identified driver.

On June 8, the elderly pedestrian was walking along a road near Nicosia town centre when she was struck by an oncoming vehicle, with no details regarding the impact being made public.

Local reports said the woman told the driver that she was okay and proceeded to walk back to her house.

But later the woman started not feeling well and was taken to Nicosia General Hospital, where she was being monitored by doctors.

Local reports said the woman told the driver that she was okay and proceeded to walk back to her house

Doctors said she passed away on Wednesday night.

Knews understands that the driver of the vehicle has not come forward and remains unidentified thus far.

Authorities have asked member of the public to call Police at 22.802.082 or contact the nearest police station if they have any information about the incident. People may also call the 1460 citizen hotline.

Nicosia traffic police are investigating the accident.

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