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Xylofagou potato gains international fame in Sweden

Community Leader Kokos Tasos' monumental creation sparks international interest and secures a spot on Google Maps


The renowned potato of Kokos Tasos in Xylofagou has made its mark on the international stage, finding its way to Sweden. The potato, which served as the inspiration for the community leader, Kokos Tasos, has captured the attention of a journalist from Sweden, where a region also boasts a potato monument.

According to an article in Phileleftheros, the Swedish journalist sought out Kokos Tasos to discuss the significance of the Cypriot monument. The potato of Xylofagou has now become a trademark on Google Maps, garnering attention far beyond its local roots.

In an interview with Protoselido on Sigma Live, the community leader, Kokos Tasos, disclosed plans for a new exhibit in the village. However, he chose not to reveal the nature of the exhibit at this stage, building anticipation for what the future holds for Xylofagou's quirky attractions.

The potato monument has become a symbol of local pride and creativity, transcending borders and capturing the curiosity of international observers. As Xylofagou's potato gains popularity in Sweden, it stands as a testament to the unique ways in which communities celebrate their local identity.

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