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Cypriot unibrowed model on a mission

Beauty activist Sophia Hadjipanteli challenges how people view good looks


Cypriot-origin American fashion model Sophia Hadjipanteli is known for her unique unibrow and activism on social media, challenging beauty standards to a point where she is getting a lot of praise but also receives death threats.

Grown up in Maryland, 21-year-old Sophia is a first-generation immigrant, with a Greek Cypriot father and a British mother.

A thick, dark unibrow is the most noticeable physical feature on Sophia, whose personal charm, natural blonde hair and blue eyes, and a fiercely independent personality make the rest of an image that has earned her great followership on social media.

At age 15 she was featured on Italia Vogue’s website and years later she started making a niche for herself online. But it wasn’t until her photo was picked up by Instagram’s explore page, reaching more than a million people, that she got to be known on social media around the world.

Sophia describes her personal style as “androgynous with touches of femininity here and there”

Sophia, who also makes videos on YouTube, describes her personal style as “androgynous with touches of femininity here and there” and enjoys giving her viewers a chance to see and experience a unique world of style and fashion.

Asked by The Cut about any names for her unibrow, Sophia said it would be "Veronica, a no-shit bitch.”

The young model, whose college major is marketing, told Vice in an interview that she wasn’t plucking her eyebrows because she didn’t have time. And when she visited London, her grandmother there told her she was pretty. That was a moment Sophia put the two together, beauty and unibrow.

Her idea of beauty does not conflict with women who like to pluck their eyebrows. But as a self-described beauty activist, Sophia also wants people to learn to accept beauty without the rigorous grooming routine for those who want to sport a more natural look.

Sophia has received a lot of praise for her stand on beauty activism and against bullying. But she also receives death threats and negative comments for the same reason. 

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