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Final weekend for Mall of Cyprus 'Ice Age'

Mall of Cyprus weekend shoppers get one last chance to combine entertainment with learning


There is still time for weekend visitors at the Mall of Cyprus to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of the Ice Age, as the unique exhibit is drawing to a close next Wednesday.

From 28 September though 7 November 2018, Hellenic Bank and The Mall of Cyprus invite people to take a journey through time, free of charge, with the opportunity to experience the animals that lived on earth millions of years ago, in the mysterious ‘Ice Age’.

The impressive “Explore the Ice Age” exhibition takes visitors of all ages through a unique time-travel machine, where robotic exhibits will help make great discoveries.

The impressive exhibition takes visitors of all ages through a unique time-travel machine, where robotic exhibits will help make great discoveries

In a unique, white and frozen setting, they will explore the harsh people of that time, giving a battle of survival against the wild beasts. They will learn all the secrets of the both the small and big animals of the Ice Age. They will come very close to touching the coat of a mammoth, the sabertooth, the smilodon, the majestic tiger, the giant beaver and other … cute animals!

The “Explore the Ice Age” exhibition combines entertainment with learning, since it essentially goes beyond the simple presentation of names, pictures, stories and scenography, into a cohesive experience.

The exhibition is available for organized visits by kindergartens and primary schools, during which pupils, with the help of specialized tour guides, will watch, interact and participate, while being in spaces and exhibits perfectly connected to each other. According to the mall’s website, there are face-painting activities and theme games for children on the weekends. People are asked to dial 77.776.255 for more information and reservations.

Individual visitors will explore the exhibition with the help of special signage that provides all the necessary information material.

The “Explore the Ice Age” exhibition is presented by Hellenic Bank and The Mall of Cyprus and can be enjoyed together with a McVities Penguin! The exhibition has been designed and produced by Eksagon Exhibitions and is held with the support of Levart Ltd. Design & Print.

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