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'History's Footnote': A satirical saga of new Cyprus

Join a delightfully absurd journey in the reimagined chronicles of new Cyprus


Theatre director Paris Erotokritou and graphic designer Demetris Soteriou have joined forces to create a satirical novella titled "History's Footnote: A Brief History of New Cyprus." This unique collaboration between two artists offers a documentary-fiction style narrative that imagines the reestablishment of New Cyprus on a remote island in the Japanese archipelago.

In this whimsical tale, the world doesn't end with a bang but rather succumbs to successive attacks by hordes of angry ambelopoulia in the case of Cyprus. The novella, finely illustrated and filled with acerbic wit, takes a sharp look at contemporary Cypriot politics.

The plot revolves around a furious Mafia boss, Mr. Theoharous, and his close friendship with the President of the Republic, who threatens to dismantle his thriving, albeit illegal, songbird empire. On another island in the Japanese archipelago, a heartbroken geneticist named Gakujii Nakamoto has his own disappointments to contend with. His attempt to clone himself to win back the love of his life has unexpected consequences, leading him to seek solace on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

As the story unfolds, these two disparate characters form a strange and paradoxical friendship that ultimately results in the obliteration of Cyprus and themselves.

"History's Footnote" is now available at select bookstores in Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, and Pafos, inviting readers to embark on a satirical and imaginative journey through the reimagined history of New Cyprus.

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