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Paphos' campaign to attract local tourism continues

Win free accommodation through online and radio competitions

Newsroom / CNA

After the great success of the summer campaign, ETAP Paphos continues its efforts to attract domestic tourism during the autumn months, which are still characterized as "summer" in the tourism industry.

According to an announcement, the pan-Cypriot promotion campaign that the EPAP Paphos is underway  It is supported by the Ministry of Tourism, covers the entire province of Paphos and includes an organized campaign on social media, specifically on Facebook and Instagram, as well as ads on Google.

In addition, the effort in the coming days is enriched with online and radio competitions with prizes, free accommodation and services, articles, and more.

According to ETAP, the September-November period is ideal for short weekend getaways, public holidays, and even for a full day trip, both for families, couples, and individual visitors.

Based on the messages of the campaign, the destination of Paphos (Paphos Province), invites the residents of Cyprus to visit the beautiful countryside, Akamas and the villages of Laonas, the beautiful coastline from Neo Chorio, Latsi Argaka, Pomos to Pyrgos Tyrias the wine villages, and visit the unique archeological sites.

Also, to live in Paphos' enchanting moments, to explore the incomparable beauty of nature, to swim in the crystal clear seas and to enjoy every hospitable corner of the province of Paphos.

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