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Accuser suspended over Horner complaint

Intrigue deepens as accuser faces suspension despite board's dismissal and Horner's denial

Source: BBC

The unfolding incident surrounding the allegations against Red Bull team principal Christian Horner is taking on increasing intrigue and gravity. In the latest turn of events, the woman who accused Horner of inappropriate and controlling behavior has been suspended by Red Bull. Despite Horner's denial and the board's dismissal of the complaint after an internal investigation, the situation continues to raise questions and tensions within the team. Here is a detailed summary of the recent developments.

The woman who accused Red Bull team principal Christian Horner of inappropriate and controlling behavior has been suspended by the team. Horner vehemently denies these allegations, and Red Bull's board dismissed the complaint following an internal investigation.

A Red Bull spokesperson refrained from commenting on the internal matter, stating, "The company cannot comment on this internal matter."

Red Bull's decision to suspend the employee was reportedly based on an allegation of dishonesty, as revealed to the employee. The accusations came to light last month, prompting an internal investigation by Red Bull's board, which concluded with the dismissal of the matter.

The board's decision and the contents of the report, compiled by an independent investigator referred to as KC, remain undisclosed. Despite requests for explanation, Red Bull has not provided details on the decision or the investigator's identity.

Shortly after the dismissal of the complaint, an anonymous email containing messages purportedly involving Horner was leaked. At the Bahrain Grand Prix, Horner neither confirmed nor denied the authenticity of the leaked messages, shutting down attempts to question him on the matter.

The controversy has revealed a reported split between the Thai and Austrian factions within Red Bull, with the Austrian headquarters reportedly pushing for Horner's removal, while main shareholder Chalerm Yoovidhya has backed the team principal.

Jos Verstappen, father of Red Bull's triple world champion Max Verstappen, expressed concerns that the Horner controversy is "driving people apart" and is "not good for the team." Max Verstappen, in response to his father's comments, emphasized his focus on performance matters and refrained from taking sides.

The timeline of the allegations against Horner dates back to February, with Red Bull initiating an investigation, followed by Horner's denial, an internal investigation clearing him, and the subsequent suspension of the accuser by Red Bull on March 7th.

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