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Anastasiades: The protection of employees' rights is a priority

The President mentioned a number of government decisions and policies in favor of laborers during his speech yesterday in the village of Amiantos

Source: CNA

President Nicos Anastasiades on Sunday listed a number of government policies and strategies as well as decisions in favor of laborers, as he addressed an event organized by trade union SEK in honor of Labor Day at the village of Amiantos. During the event, the President unveiled a monument set up to honor the mineworkers.

In his detailed address, the President said that the protection of the employees’ rights was a priority when he assumed duties adding that during the pandemic the government took decisions to protect jobs with a scheme totaling 3,2 billion euros.

He said that between the years 2015-2019 a total of 72.118 jobs were created and the net employment recorded an increase of 21%, while at the end of 2021 the unemployment was at the lowest rate since 2008.

President Anastasiades referred to a number of decisions that were implemented such as the guaranteed minimum income, the renewal of employment contracts, the re-introduction of COLA, reforms in the social service system, etc.

He also referred to the decisions taken to combat unregistered employment, reducing it to less than 10% in 2021 from 27% in 2009.

The President noted that a top priority is the introduction of a minimum national income which will lead to the reduction of the gap and inequalities in payments, inequalities in gender pay, etc.

In his address, the President also referred to the program implemented to support mountainous areas. He mentioned the planned implementation of a cable car system, which was something he promised, but said that he did not succeed due to financial issues and a lack of interest by investors.

He also praised the struggles of mineworkers describing them as one of the first worker movements on the island which contributed a great deal to the social and economic picture of Cyprus. He also made reference SEK, the trade union fighting for the protection of the rights of all workers.

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