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Attorney General appeals acquittal of former Bank of Cyprus CEOs

The case is separate from those mentioned so far in the press and it involves the reclassification of the Bank’s Greek bond holdings

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Attorney General Costas Clerides continues to push forward, seeking the conviction of former Bank of Cyprus senior executives, whose actions contributed to the collapse of the Cypriot Banking system in 2013.

Amidst allegations of corruption in the Supreme Court, Clerides has filed an appeal against the decision taken by a Nicosia Criminal Court concerning the acquittal of two former Bank of Cyprus CEOs Andreas Eliades and Yiannis Kypri, involving the reclassification of the Bank's Greek bond holdings. The case is separate from those mentioned so far in the press.

The Criminal Court had accepted an objection raised by the defendants who argued that this case has the same subject matter with the other two criminal cases involving the Bank of Cyprus -in which Eliades was eventually acquitted by the Supreme Court.

The Nicosia Court recognized the appeal and the prosecutor asked for a postponement of the trial for a time, until the issue of the appeal to the Supreme Court has been clarified.

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