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Avrupa reports one million residents in the occupied territory

The daily newspaper cites data from the 'Institute of Information and Communication Technologies'.

Source: CNA

Avrupa cites data from the "Information and Communication Technology Institute" today, indicating that the population of the occupied territories has surpassed one million.

The "statistics institute" announced in October that the population in the occupied territories was 382,836, while the "Information and Communication Technology Institute" announced that there are a reported 755,857 active GSM lines based on data from the fourth quarter of 2022. And there are approximately 908,000 subscribers in total.

According to official data, the population increased to 1 million, the newspaper notes. "According to the Institute of Statistics, the population is 382,836 and according to the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, the population is around 800-900 thousand."

KDP Chairwoman Mineh Atli expressed surprise that elected officials in the occupied territories are ignoring the rise in "citizenships" during the current "election period," noting that residential address forgeries are a problem.

In an interview with Ozgür Web Tv and journalist Dalma Dabish, Atli stated that it is very easy to notice that the area's population is growing at an irregular rate. As a result, she added, they have begun a legal process. "How can people who have only lived in this country for a year and have become citizens feel a sense of belonging, when those who will vote should feel a sense of belonging?"

Mitle Atli stated that the increase in the number of "citizens" between this "election" and previous ones could not be legally explained and that it was clear that the "cabinet" was unfairly exercising its "discretion" in granting "exceptional citizenship."

She continued, "For instance, yesterday our community leader asked me: 'Did you register someone in your office as living here? Because I did not give such a residence at this address, but in the electoral roll there is this address,' and now our community leader is going to start proceedings in relation to that. That is to say, there are some forgeries on this point as well.

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