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Boatload of refugees reaches Cyprus

Coast Guard tows vessel with presumptive refugees to Tylliria’s Latchi port


A boat carrying undocumented migrants was spotted Monday morning off the coast of Pomos, days after over two dozen reached the island from the east.

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According to local media, a boatload of presumptive refugees including women and children was spotted off Pomos, in Tylliria in the northwestern part of the Republic Cyprus.

The Cyprus News Agency reported that authorities were notified about a boat approaching the area. A coast guard vessel was sent to the area to tow the boat further west to a local port in Latchi.

It was unclear how many refugees were on board but local media suggested a “large number of people” including women and children.

Last week, another vessel was spotted off Cape Greco in the eastern part of Cyprus carrying over two dozen refugees. It was later reported that most people on that boat were members of a few large families, while one child was said to have a cast on his leg.

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