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Three locals wanted in Nicosia shooting

Police looking for three Greek Cypriot suspects in Engomi shooting outside nightclub


Two men have been injured in a shooting incident outside a nightclub in Nicosia, with reports saying three suspects have been identified.

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According to local media, a 30-year-old Syrian national was shot in the head on Sunday early morning, around 6am, following an altercation he had with local men, who were described as Greek Cypriot males and at least one of them as a person known to law enforcement authorities.

Another foreign man, who was described as the Syrian man’s brother, was also reportedly injured. The brother, aged 42, was believed to have left the scene after the incident and later returned to speak with police officers.

The incident took place outside a nightclub in Engomi, west Nicosia, with the men reportedly getting into a heated argument inside a business establishment with the individuals involved later taking it outside. At one point, a local man allegedly pulled a gun and shot at least one of the brothers in the head. Two other Greek Cypriots were also identified as suspects in the case.

Reports said the 30-year-old was rushed to the Emergency Room at Nicosia General Hospital, where doctors said his condition was serious due to a gunshot wound to the head. The brother, who later visited the ER, was said to be out of any danger, while three local men aged 40, 42, and 37 are wanted by police on arrest warrants.

Nicosia police are investigating the incident.

Story updated twice with information about second alleged victim and more suspects

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