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British forces rescue puppy trapped in concrete tank

Abandoned dog saved from three-meter water tank

Newsroom / CNA

A little dog was stuck in an empty concrete water tank, which was three meters tall. Men from the British bases in the Avgorou Community came to the rescue.

A statement from the bases reported that on Wednesday, August 30, a citizen named Tasos Matthaios saw a small dog trapped in a three-meter-high concrete water tank. The police and fire brigade from the bases quickly organized a joint operation.

Police officers from the Agios Nikolaos bases and firefighters went to the location and discovered a dog that was about three months old, trapped in the water tank. Firefighters safely entered the tank and rescued the dog, which appeared healthy and unharmed.

According to the announcement, "the dog was given water, and since the owner didn't show up, Tasos Matthaios decided to keep it. Mr. Matthaios expressed his gratitude to the Police and the Fire Department of the British bases for their efforts in saving the dog."

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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