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Cabinet to gather in Troodos for informal objectives meeting

Deputy Minister to the President highlights exchanged views and synergies but stresses no decisions will be made

Source: CNA

An informal meeting of the Cabinet will take place on August 25 at the presidential residence in Troodos Mountain, under President, Nikos Christodoulides, during which the Ministries and the Deputy Ministries will present their objectives and priorities, Deputy Minister to President Irene Pikis has told the Cyprus News Agency (CNA).

Pikis noted that this will not be an official meeting of the Council of Ministers and no decisions will be taken and that another meeting of the Council will take place on August 24 at the Presidential Palace in Nicosia.

As regards the meeting in Troodos, she said that it will begin at approximately 0900 and will last until the afternoon, adding that the objectives and the priorities of the Ministries and the Deputy Ministries for the next period will be presented and the President and the members of the Cabinet will exchange views on the best ways to achieve them.

"There will be a brainstorming, an exchange of views, rather than an ordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers as was the case during the previous years, when decisions were taken," she added.

She also recalled that speaking at the presentation during which he reviewed the work done during the first 100 days of his governance, President Christodoulides had said that the Ministers and Deputy Ministers will be called in the Autumn to present their priorities, their goals and what they aim to achieve during the next year.

"Therefore, moving ahead, we will see how we achieve the targets that have been set out and we will look into the synergies between the Ministries," Pikis said.

She noted that it is expected that the President will open the discussion by elaborating on his positions about the priorities and the main issues, and then the Ministers and the Deputy Ministers will take the floor.

Pikis moreover said that a team that will be responsible for monitoring the government's work, and that will be headed by herself, will be set up in September.

As she noted it will comprise approximately 12 employees who have been working in the public or the broader public sector.

"Monitoring the government's work through this team will surely become more systematic than today," she added.

Pikis also said that a Code of Conduct for the members of the government will soon be concluded and will be approved by the Council of Ministers.

She stressed that the Code will abide by the GRECO's proposals and recommendations, adding that it will concern, among others, issues of conflict of interest, asset declarations and gifts that the members of the government receive.


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