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Cops won’t mess around during holy week

Police warn parents to keep teens in check, give heads up to groups of foreign nationals

Newsroom / CNA

Law enforcement officials have announced they will step up patrols throughout the holy week, leading to the Greek orthodox Easter on April 19, singling out delinquent teens while giving a heads up to groups of foreign nationals.

Police Spokesman Christos Andreou told the Cyprus News Agency there will be no complacency during the next few days as patrols will intensify in an effort to maintain the government measures to restrict the spread of coronavirus.

The police spokesman said ignorance of the law does not absolve people of the repercussions of committing an offence

Andreou said that instructions have been given to divisional police chiefs to send out patrols and have an increased presence during the Easter holidays, both in urban areas and also on the highways.

He also said that municipalities and representatives of groups of foreign nationals will be contacted to ensure that mass gatherings of people are avoided. Andreou said ignorance of the laws does not absolve people of the repercussions of committing an offence.

Cops won't go easy on youngsters who light bonfires and throw firecrackers

The spokesman further said police officers will be very strict with young people who light bonfires and throw illegal firecrackers during Easter, especially now when measures are in force to restrict the coronavirus. He urged parents to exercise effective control on their children.

The Orthodox Easter bonfires or Burning of Judas is a ritual where an effigy is burned on the night of Holy Saturday. However, groups of young people compete as to who can build the biggest bonfire.

Police Chief Kypros Michaelides has called on “everyone to show cooperation, maturity, and responsibility” during Orthodox Easter week, as the entire country is fighting to stop the spread of the Covid-19 disease.

Michaelides said law enforcement officers were focusing on preventing church gatherings, illegal lambradjia fires, as well as “bad habits” and the use of illegal fireworks.

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