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Cyprus continues to sweat under the scorching heat

New temperature warnings and red alert for forest fires as the Mediterranean island braces for another scorching day

Source: CNN

Cyprus' Meteorology Department issued new warnings on Thursday for extreme maximum temperature, as the heatwave in the Mediterranean island continues.

A yellow warning is valid from midnight until 7 am in the morning (local time). The Forecast says that tonight the inland minimum temperature is not expected to fall below 27 degrees Celsius.

An orange warning comes into force from 11.00 am tomorrow until 17.00. Inland maximum temperature is expected to rise to around 44 degrees Celsius and to around 32 degrees Celsius over the higher mountainous areas.

In a separate announcement, the Department of Forests says that there is a "red alert" for forest fires also on Friday. It reminds the citizens that it is forbidden to light a fire without a permit and this is an offense which, under the Forest Law, is punishable by imprisonment for up to 10 years or fine up to €50,000 or both penalties together. Moreover, the Prevention of Fires in the Countryside Law provides for up to 5 years or a 20,000 fine or both sentences together.

Lighting of fire for food purposes is allowed only in designated picnic areas. The Forestry Department urges the public to be extremely vigilant and to completely avoid activities likely to cause a fire, such as using tools or agricultural machinery that produce heat, sparks or flame, such as electric saws, welding and electric welding.

Citizens should call 1407 or 112 in case of smoke or fire.

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