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Cyprus-Israel humanitarian corridor greenlit, but faces challenges

Israel greenlights the 'Amalthea' initiative for a maritime corridor, but unresolved issues include security concerns, crew safety, and the logistics of aid distribution to Gaza.

Source: CNA

Israel has given the green light in principle to the Republic of Cyprus for the operation of a maritime corridor for the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza. Still, there are security and other practical issues that need to be resolved, sources have told CNA.

They further noted that, as was also published in the Israeli press, Israel gave the green light, in principle, for the operation of the humanitarian corridor, but the issue was complicated.

Cyprus has completed its procedures, the sources said, but there are other issues still pending, such as ensuring the security and safety of the ships and crews that will approach the port of Gaza as well as determining who will receive the aid, and ensuring it will be distributed to the population.

During his visit to Cyprus last week, regarding the Republic of Cyprus’ “Amalthea” initiative for a maritime corridor for the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza via Cyprus, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel, Eli Cohen, had said that the aim was to agree all the details as soon as possible, to create a fast-track process for humanitarian aid to be sent to Gaza through this corridor.

He also said that Cyprus and Israel, together with other regional partners, were promoting the initiative for a safe sea corridor to facilitate the transfer of humanitarian aid to Gaza “in an organized and well-inspected manner”.

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