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Cyprus offers 'neutral stadium' for UEFA qualifiers

Cyprus, along with three other countries, have offered 'neutral stadiums' if travel restrictions get in the way of games kicking off in the originally scheduled countries

Newsroom / CNA

Cyprus, Greece, Hungary and Poland, have offered stadiums and facilities to host UEFA European football matches as "neutral destinations" if travel restrictions related to Covid-19 prevent European Cup games from being held in the originally scheduled countries.

According to an announcement issued by UEFA on Thursday, next season’s Champions League and Europa League qualifiers will take place from August 8 to October 1.

However, travel restrictions across Europe due to the coronavirus pandemic could create problems for the organisation of those games in several European countries.

UEFA said on Thursday Cyprus, Greece, Hungary and Poland are willing to provide ‘neutral stadiums’ on the scheduled game days. The countries said their authorities will be able to offer travel facilitations for games to be held without restrictions.

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