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Cyprus President urges public to generously donate to Beirut relief campaign

Collection points have been set up in all Cyprus districts for dry and canned food to be sent to Beirut, where some 300,000 have been left homeless by the deadly blasts


Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades has called on the Cyprus public, companies and businesses to contribute to the relief campaign collecting dry and canned foods for the Beirut population that was brought to its knees by the deadly blasts earlier this week.

Anastasiades urged the Cyprus public to donate generously to campaigns collecting long-term food that are to be shipped to neighbouring Lebanon, where current figures suggest at least 157 have been killed and over 5,000 wounded by the massive explosion of some 2,500 tonnes of ammonium at a Beirut port warehouse.

The deadly blasts also left 300,000 Beirut residents homeless.

In a written statement on Friday, Anastasiades said: “acknowledging the tragedy which the neighbouring friendly people of Lebanon have been experiencing, as well as the emergency needs in food, and taking into consideration the plea for help from the friendly country, I appeal to all Cypriot citizens, companies and businesses to contribute by donating generously to the campaign that began in all districts of the government-controlled areas of Cyprus to collect particular kinds of food, organised by the Volunteerism Commissioner Office."

He expressed certainty that the people of Cyprus will immediately offer large quantities, as they too, he said, have experienced tragic situations and are no strangers to hardship.

Anastsasiades also referred to the long-standing feelings of friendship and appreciation the local population holds for the people of Lebanon, as well as compassion for the trial they are experiencing right now.

The island’s Beirut relief campaign collection effort, undertaken in unison with the Red Cross, was launched on Friday, August 7.

The public is called to donate canned and dry foods, including cereals, rice, pasta, flour, and baby formula.

Collection points


Nicosia, State Fair Grounds (Kiosk 59)

9am-5pm, Monday-Friday

Tel. 22524414


Municipality’s community food bank on Filellinon Street (Ayios Ioannis)

8am-3pm, Monday-Friday

Tel. 99728871


Municipal Parking – Tasos Mitsopoulos Avenue

(Mackenzie area, opposite ice cream parlours)

8.30am-2pm, Monday-Friday

Tel. 99817979


KEPA (Agios Christoforos) on 50 Agios Nektarios Street

7.30am-2pm, Monday-Friday

Tel. 23829899 / 23741623


Old Electricity Hall on Vladimirou Irakleous Street

8am-2pm, Monday-Friday

Tel. 80006362


For more information call: 22400163 or 22524414.

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