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Cyprus unveils new e-consultation platform for public feedback

Finance Minister Keravnos highlights transparency and participation in governance

Source: CNA

The Council of Ministers approved Thursday the establishment of a public consultation platform, known as e-consultation, Minister of Finance Makis Keravnos said after the Cabinet meeting.

Keravnos referred to the reward of the green bond last April by the Global Capital organization, saying that this is an important achievement of the fiscal policy "and how we manage the public debt".

He announced that the Cabinet approved the creation of a public consultation platform, known as e-consultation, as well as the regulatory framework that governs it.

The Minister added that it is the single point of all public consultations carried out by the public and the wider public sector, noting that it will contribute to the improvement of the regulatory framework, the rule of law and full transparency as well as the greater participation in daily issues not only as regards law bills, but also in any other action plans prepared by the Ministries.

For this purpose, he added, a guide has been drawn up. The Minister said that the platform is ready and operating and that employees from all relevant services that will manage the platform have been trained.

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