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Ecologists take on cat poisoning and feed container destruction

President Perdikis leads charge to close legislative gaps in prosecuting those responsible amid rising conflicts


George Perdikis, the newly elected President of the Ecologist Movement, engaged in discussions with the Provincial Police Director on Monday, November 27, to address issues related to the management of complaints regarding cat feeding. In an interview with "SPOR FM 95.0" on the show "DIASPORA NEWS," Mr. Perdikis shed light on legislative loopholes leading to ongoing conflicts between animal lovers and citizens filing complaints.

Perdikis highlighted the root causes, emphasizing personal disputes between neighbors, often at the expense of cats. He underscored the urgency for police intervention, citing extreme and illegal cases of cat poisoning. According to him, the existing gaps in legislation contribute to the challenges faced in resolving these issues.

Two specific legislative gaps were identified by Perdikis. First, the lack of clarity makes the destruction of cat-feeding containers illegal, irrespective of their location. Secondly, when complaints are lodged, he noted police indifference to investigating them. Perdikis pointed out a legislative change from the previous year, which, in his view, proved insufficient. A subsequent opinion from the Attorney General stated that destroying containers is only illegal if they are situated in areas designated by municipalities.

Post-meeting, Perdikis informed "K" that the police acknowledged negligence in investigating complaints and pledged to undertake more thorough and attentive investigations. A consensus emerged during the discussion, recognizing the need for legislative clarification. The police expressed openness to an amendment clearly making it illegal to destroy cat food containers regardless of their location. Perdikis announced the imminent submission of the proposed amendment to the House of Assembly, initiating the process of debate and voting.

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