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Extraordinary Ministerial meeting in the afternoon

New measures will be announced

Source: CNA

Ηealth Minister Michalis Hadjipantlelas and members of the Scientific Committee on the pandemic are meeting on Wednesday afternoon to assess the situation following a spike in coronavirus cases in Cyprus.  Yesterday 2,241 cases were reported and 168 hospitalizations. The positivity rate rose to 2.29%.

The scientists and the Minister will evaluate the figures with the patients in hospitals, more specifically in ICUs, and the fact that the positivity rate has remained higher than 1% during the past few days.  Following the meeting of the Scientific Committee, the Cabinet is scheduled to hold its own meeting at 1800.  It is not yet clear what new measures will be announced.

Hadjipantelas is set to make statements to the press at 1730 local time.

Members of the Committee who spoke to Cyprus News Agency yesterday noted that things cannot remain the way they are. Dr. Petros Kariayiannis said that something additional needs to be done and this will be decided in the meeting at 1600 today.

Dr. Zoe Dorothea Pana said that we need to remain vigilant and assess the situation in a prudent manner during every step of the pandemic.

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