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Father and son arrested in grenade attack

Loud explosion shakes doctor’s neighborhood in Paphos, police believe attack unrelated to medical practice


A loud explosion shook an entire neighborhood in downtown Paphos on Tuesday evening after an offensive hand grenade was tossed from a motorcycle, with police issuing arrest warrants for two suspects.

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A high explosive hand grenade was thrown at the residence that belonged to a private doctor who also owns a local factory

According to local media, a loud boom shook the residence of a medical doctor in downtown Paphos on Tuesday evening, with an explosion causing damages to two vehicles.

Police said a hand grenade, described as a high explosive army-type device, was thrown at the building around 7pm, while local media said the cars damaged in the explosion belonged to a doctor who also owns a local factory.

Eye witnesses reportedly said they saw two men on a motorcycle, with one throwing a hand grenade at the front entrance of a residential building.

Investigators later confirmed through security camera footage that two males were on a motorcycle at the scene, with one of them throwing the grenade, but it was not made clear whether the perpetrators were wearing helmets.

A spokesperson for Paphos police said preliminary findings prompted investigators to turn their attention to a possible business dispute, unrelated to the doctor's private medical practice.

Police are investigating the motives behind the attack while two men, father and son, were arrested Wednesday morning in connection with the case.

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