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Firefighting aid en route to Greece as Cyprus extends a helping hand

EU Civil Protection Mechanism activated as Cyprus sends airborne and ground support to combat forest fires

Source: CNA

Cyprus is sending to Greece two firefighting aircraft and a ground unit to assist in the firefighting efforts.  Enroute

According to an official press release, following a decision by President of the Republic Nikos Christodoulides, Cyprus is sending assistance to Greece through the Civil Protection Mechanism of the European Union to deal with the forest fires.

Cyprus sends two Air Tractor-type aircraft of the Department of Forests, with a crew of four, and seven more staff for ground support.

The mission has departed from Pafos airport to Tatoi airport, where they will be briefed and receive the details of their mission. The flight schedule includes a stop at Rhodes Airport for refueling. The estimated arrival time at Tatoi is around 13:00.

The air means a unit of the Department of Forests joined rescEU in mid-June 2023. It is recalled that rescEU has been created within the framework of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, with the aim of creating additional units for the response, with EU co-financing. The Civil Defence is the contact unit of the mechanism in Cyprus.

"The Republic of Cyprus has always responded to provide assistance to Greece and other neighboring countries, either through the provisions of interstate agreements or within the framework of the Civil Protection Mechanism," the press release concludes.

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