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Fires devastate homes and solar park, communities reeling

Fires in Cyprus's Paphos district leave devastation in their wake, prompting urgent calls for aid and recovery

Newsroom / CNA

Twenty-one houses, including five completely destroyed, were among the casualties of the wildfires that swept through the Paphos district over the last two days, Deputy Prefect George Chrysafini reported Wednesday.

In Psathi village, where the damage was particularly severe, community leader Michalis Kyriakou described the scene as "enormous," with 15 houses damaged and three others leveled to the ground. "It's a black scene," Kyriakou lamented, noting desperate pleas from residents seeking aid for agricultural losses and home repairs.

"The President of the Republic and the Minister of Justice have pledged assistance following our coordination efforts at Ayios Demetrianos late yesterday," Kyriakou said.

Regarding a dramatic rescue from a house pool amidst the chaos, Kyriakou recounted that a person, not a resident, had fallen into a partially damaged home's pool during the fire. "He was in the pool for over an hour, holding onto a piece of iron until rescued by police," Kyriakou said. Despite injuries sustained by a young man, residents are mostly unharmed, he added.

As efforts continue to assess and assist affected areas, Kyriakou confirmed that while hay and small structures were lost, no animals perished. Some residents will seek shelter in hotels as they wait to return home.

The fires also inflicted damage on a 150 KW photovoltaic park, compounding the destruction in the region.

Residents impacted by the fires in Psathi, Polemi, Agios Demetrianos, Drinias, Chulu, Lemona, and Kourdaka are urged to file damage reports promptly with local authorities.

[Information sourced from CNA]

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