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First batch of Cyprus humanitarian aid to Ukraine to be shipped on Tuesday

The largest humanitarian aid ever collected in Cyprus

Source: CNA

The first batch of the humanitarian aid from Cyprus to the people of war-ravaged Ukraine will be shipped on Tuesday, Commissioner for the Citizen Panagiotis Sentonas said.

Sentonas visited Saturday the warehouse of the Cyprus Port Authority at Limassol Port where the humanitarian aid is gathered, with the Authority’s chairman Antonis Stylianou stating that this is the largest humanitarian aid ever collected in Cyprus.

“On behalf of the government I would like to express a big thank you to the citizens, Municipalities, Communities, organisations and organised groups, who supported this great effort,” Sentonas said.

The humanitarian drive began on 25 February with 40 collection points operating throughout Cyprus.

Sentonas said the aid mainly include dry food, pharmaceuticals, civil defence materials that have been collected under the coordination of the Cyprus Civil Defence, while the Cyprus Red Cross granted 1,500 personal hygiene kits for children and adults.

Furthermore, Cypriot Pharmaceutical company Medochemie, which has manufacturing plants in Ukraine, donated pharmaceuticals worth half a million euros to the Ukrainian people.

He also said that a bank account has been opened and will continue to operate in the Central Bank of Cyprus for donations.

The shipment of the humanitarian aid is coordinated with the European Civil Defence Agency which has set up special assistance centers in countries neighbouring Ukraine, Sentonas added.

On his part, Stylianou said the aid collected for Ukraine is the largest ever collected in the history of the Republic of Cyprus. It is a huge volume that is estimated to fill around 15 large containers.

So far, a total of 250 pallets in food aid and 32 pallets of pharmaceuticals, were gathered, he added.

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