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Cyprus undertakes cancer treatment for three children from Ukraine

Elpida Foundation to assume costs and expenses

Source: CNA

The war in Ukraine has generated a humanitarian crisis.  Not just in the number of refugees fleeing the country, but also in the breakdown of medical infrastructure.  As a result, most local children suffering from cancer failed to receive or to continue the cancer treatment they need on a regular basis.

Consequently, the Elpida Foundation announced today that Cyprus is ready to welcome children with cancer from Ukraine together with their parents, offer them the treatment they need and host them for as long as it takes to complete the treatment while offering accommodation and anything else needed to treat the children.

According to the announcement, "The result (of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine) is that their lives are in danger from the rapid progression of cancer they suffer from. Indeed, childhood and adolescent cancers, such as acute leukemia, lymphoma, and other malignancies, are rapidly evolving. Only with urgent treatment can they be defeated.  Lack of treatment, as well as the discontinuation of treatments, which have already begun, create persistent and rapidly deteriorating relapses that lead to these children dying quickly."

As reported, the European Society of Pediatrics yesterday contacted the national representative of Cyprus Pedology, Dr. Loizou G. Loizos, to ask for Cyprus' help in receiving children with cancer from Ukraine and to immediately begin treating them or continue their cancer treatments without delay in order to save their lives.

Professor Loizou immediately contacted the Honorary President of the Hope Foundation and the wife of the President of the Republic with the request that the Republic of Cyprus undertake the care and treatment of 3 children with cancer from Ukraine at the Pediatric Clinic in Nicosia.

The President of the Republic and Mrs. Anastasiadis acted immediately and after consultation with the Minister of Health assured Dr. Loizou that the Republic of Cyprus is ready to receive these 3 children from Ukraine at the Pediatric Clinic.

The Elpida Foundation will assume all expenses related to the travel and transportation of children and their parents, offer accommodation in the state-of-the-art hostel Elpida located next to the Pediatric Clinic, provide food and financial assistance required for the living expenses of the children and their parents during their treatment in Cyprus.

The European Society of Pediatrics in Brussels was informed about the offer of Cyprus and further instructions are expected.


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