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Improperly screwed bolts blamed for school bus incident in Larnaca

Transport Minister reveals findings and calls for penalties as deterrent

Investigations into the incident involving a moving bus carrying schoolchildren in Larnaca have revealed that the detachment of two wheels was caused by improperly screwed-in bolts, as stated by Transport Minister Alexis Vafeiadis. Speaking on state radio, Vafeiadis also noted that the tires had been replaced before the technical inspection. Surprisingly, the bus had completed a remarkable 36,000 kilometers of trouble-free journeys prior to the day of the incident.

Vafeiadis announced that these findings will be shared with the police to determine if any offenses were committed. He further suggested that there may have been unauthorized intervention on the tires following the technical inspection.

Additionally, Vafeiadis expressed disappointment over the company's lack of explanation or acceptance of responsibility. In response, he plans to propose an amendment to the law in Parliament, advocating for significant penalties as a deterrent.

Meanwhile, according to an article in K, Transport Minister Alexis Vafeiadis has instructed the implementation of eight measures following the incident. The incident itself occurred on Wednesday, May 10, during a school excursion on the Nicosia-Larnaca motorway near the Athienou exit. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.



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