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Empowering parenthood: Health Ministry's innovative plan for fertility

Subtitle: Assisted Reproduction Legislation and Subsidized Treatments Drive Hope and Support for Family Planning

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The Ministry of Health is spearheading an innovative legislative push for assisted reproduction and subsidizing infertility treatments, according to Minister Popi Kanari. During an event on fertility, coinciding with Mother's Day, Minister Kanari highlighted the progressive plan, which also emphasizes the importance of egg freezing to preserve women's fertility.

As part of the updated Demographic and Family Policy Action strategy, in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, this comprehensive plan aims to address infertility and combat low birth rates. The initiatives extend beyond infertility treatments and encompass the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, which can contribute to infertility if left untreated, particularly among women.

Minister Kanari emphasized the need for Cyprus society to prioritize family planning matters, given that the average Cypriot woman gives birth at the age of 32. She urged young women to commence family planning as early as possible, as female fertility significantly declines after the age of 35.

Recognizing the physical, psychological, and financial toll associated with assisted reproduction, Minister Kanari reassured women of the Ministry's support in their journey toward parenthood. Simultaneously, she called on society to demonstrate its support for these women and their pursuit of starting a family.

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