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Kasselakis arrives in Cyprus, talks on Cyprus problem await

Kasselakis advocates confidence-building measures in Cyprus

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Stefanos Kasselakis, the newly elected president of the SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, expressed his support for restarting talks on the Cyprus issue from where they left off in Crans Montana during an interview with the Cyprus News Agency.

He emphasized the need for confidence-building measures and the appointment of a UN envoy, affirming his party's full support for the Republic of Cyprus in these efforts.

During his interview with the Cyprus News Agency, Stefanos Kasselakis, who is making his first visit to Cyprus since his election, emphasized that any discussion on the Cyprus problem should not be based on divisive proposals.

He reiterated the Greek opposition party's commitment to a just and viable solution in line with UN resolutions, advocating for a bizonal, bicommunal federation without guarantees and occupation troops, benefiting both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots.

Kasselakis stressed the importance of exerting pressure on Turkey through the EU and partners to engage constructively in dialogue. He also highlighted the significance of linking the Euro-Turkish framework discussions, particularly the negotiation for a revised customs union, with the Cyprus problem.

Regarding Greek-Turkish relations, Kasselakis acknowledged the positive aspects of dialogue but cautioned against negative developments related to the Cyprus issue that could undermine this progress.

In response to his controversial reference to the "pseudo-state," Kasselakis expressed regret, stating that he had promptly retracted and apologized for the remark.

Explaining his choice to visit Cyprus as his first international trip post-election, he emphasized the importance of finding a just and viable solution to the Cyprus problem for the benefit of Hellenism, regional peace, and Europe as a whole.

Kasselakis highlighted SYRIZA-PS's legacy of active support for resolving the Cyprus problem within the framework of UN resolutions and its efforts to engage with the Republic of Cyprus and the Greek diaspora in the US.

Regarding the ongoing challenges in Cyprus, Kasselakis emphasized the need for confidence-building measures and criticized unilateral aggressive actions and statements.

On the question of shared decision-making between Cyprus and Greece, Kasselakis stressed the importance of flexibility and cooperation between two sovereign, modern European states.

Concerning Greek-Turkish relations, he emphasized the need for dialogue but underscored the importance of safeguarding sovereignty and non-demilitarization of the islands.

Kasselakis elaborated on the term "patriotic left," emphasizing the party's commitment to modern, progressive policies that address contemporary social and political challenges, protect the environment, and defend human rights, democracy, and economic independence from external influences.

He concluded by emphasizing the significance of building mutually beneficial relationships with strong partners and making choices that benefit the country's future.

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