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Man arrested in burglary of hit and run victim

Paphos police still looking for other driver in hit and run, say burglary unrelated to fatality


Police have arrested a male suspect in the burglary of a home belonging to a local elderly woman, who died Sunday night following a double hit and run in Paphos.

Local media said the son of 60-year-old Androula Papachristoforou, who died after being struck separately and consecutively by two cars in downtown Paphos, reported to police that her mother’s residence was burglarized.

Police say the suspect is not linked to the incident on Sunday but the burglary is thought to have occurred after news outlets reported on the women’s death

Reports said the perpetrators appeared to have entered Papachristoforou’s house through the kitchen window and stole various items, including a television set, a computer, and perfume which were found in a nearby shed.

Police did not share details about the male suspect but told Knews his arrest was not linked to the investigation of the road incident on Sunday night.

Additional reports said the suspect was 30 years old while the burglary was thought to have occurred after news outlets reported on the women’s death.

A 44-year-old man is in police custody in connection with Papachristoforou’s death, with the suspect facing manslaughter charges, reckless driving, and leaving the scene of an accident.

Police are also seeking a second suspect believed to be the driver of the first vehicle that struck the woman initially, causing her to be disoriented and remain in the street until she found herself underneath the powertrain of the 44-year-old man’s car.

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