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Police seek second car in fatal hit and run

Woman in Paphos was struck twice at same spot by two different cars before dying two hours later


Police have confirmed they are looking for a second vehicle in Sunday’s fatal hit and run in Paphos, with reports suggesting the woman was struck twice before dying two hours later in the hospital.

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A 44-year-old local man, who was handcuffed by police outside his home on Tuesday, was seen on CCTV footage leaving the scene after running over 60-year-old Androula Papachristoforou in Paphos Sunday night.

Initial reports said Papachristoforou was on foot downtown in the Universal area possibly trying to cross the road when she was struck by an oncoming vehicle. She died two hours later the state hospital.

Released video footage showed the second driver stopping and exiting his vehicle and realizing there was an injured woman tangled underneath his car, with the camera showing him getting back inside, putting it in reverse, and then driving away.

But initial reports had also suggested a second vehicle may have been involved, with police on Wednesday telling Knews a second car was being sought in the case.

Police said Papachristoforou was struck twice by two different vehicles, with the second car running her over moments after the first impact.

Additional reports based on eye witnesses said Papachristoforou appeared to have been disoriented after the first impact and remained in the street trying to understand what had happened until she found herself underneath the powertrain of another vehicle.

No description has been given about the second vehicle by Paphos investigators.

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