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Suspect arrested in fatal hit and run

Video shows fatal incident in Paphos while reports suggest second vehicle was involved in prior collision


A local man has been arrested in connection with a fatal hit-and-run in Paphos, with reports suggesting the vehicle that struck a woman had previously collided with another car.

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Police said a man was arrested at his residence on Monday evening in connection with the death of 60-year-old Androula Papachristoforou from Paphos, who was on foot downtown in the Universal area when she was struck by an oncoming vehicle. She died two hours later the state hospital.

The driver was seen holding his head and getting back into the vehicle, driving in reverse and away from Papachristoforou who was tangled up underneath the vehicle, and leaving the scene

Local media said police were able to identify the vehicle that struck the pedestrian after reviewing CCTV footage, which showed the male driver exiting his vehicle, a white BMW coupe.

Reports said the driver was seen holding his head in frustration at the sight of the injured woman. He then got back into the vehicle, drove in reverse and away from Papachristoforou who was tangled up underneath the vehicle, and left the scene.

Local media said the suspect, described as a 44-year-old Greek Cypriot, was handcuffed by law enforcement officers who went to his home in Mouttalos a few miles north from the scene of the accident.

An official police report on Tuesday said officers spotted the vehicle in question outside the suspect’s residence, adding that it appeared he was carrying out maintenance work on the car, which was confiscated by authorities for inspection.

The incident took place Sunday evening around 9:15pm on Priamou Street.

According to daily Politis, a second vehicle appeared to have been involved prior to the fatal collision but police did not comment on the report except to call on anyone with information regarding the circumstances of the incident to come forward.

Politis on Monday reported that information based on camera footage at the scene appeared to suggest the BMW was struck by another car before slamming into the pedestrian.

Paphos traffic police are investigating the case, while the suspect was expected to appear Tuesday before a local judge for his remand hearing on charges related to leaving the scene of an accident.

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